Enter into the hidden world of the mind, where the laws of nature don’t apply and nothing is as it seems.
Straight from the minds of 20 UnCommon Authors come tales of tragedy, triumph, and bittersweet gratitude. You’ll find augmented realities and mental persuasion that force you to question everything. Stories of military suspense, psychological horror, dream walkers, and psychic mediums await their turn to crawl into your head.

Includes (In No Particular Order)

Inamorata By J.D. Harpley – Augmented digital lover, Terah, gets more than she bargained for when servicing a stranger at a friend’s request. With her mind invaded, and malware running rampant, Terah begins to unravel. As a deeper secret reveals itself, Terah must decide between loyalty—a forgotten human trait in the new digital world—and what’s right.

Chief Canis and the Helpful Locals By Patrick S. Baker – Army Dog handler CW2 Luis Canis uses his canine telepathy to rescue his Special Forces team from terrorists.

Chief Warrant Officer Two Luis Canis slowly regained consciousness. He purposely sat quietly to avoid attracting the attention of his captors. His ankles and wrists had been bound so tightly to the legs and arms of the chair, he had lost feeling in his hands and feet. Canis’s Latino good looks were severely marred by the beating his captives had given him. His wide and warm brown eyes were all but swollen shut. His full lips had been split and were still dripping blood down his strong chin.

The Arms of Mother By Harlow C. Fallon – Mina has lately discovered she is not like the other children who live in the domes, where impenetrable glass separates them from a harsh, eternal winter landscape. What make her different are not only her augments and implants which put her feet on a path she neither wants nor fully understands. What also set her apart are the dreams. The other children also dream, but Mina’s mind has been programmed to eliminate them.

Mina dreams of the spirit of an ancient tree growing in one of the many lush, green biodomes preserving the last of Earth’s flora and fauna. She comes to Mina at night with whispers and songs, stirring a longing in Mina’s blood that draws her away from everything she knows, to seek out the reaching arms of a mother who has, unknown to Mina, always resided in her heart.

Trouble Signs by Jonathan Shipley – Problems with mothers-in-law are nothing new, but when the mother-in-law has psychic talent, the situation worsens.  In Anna’s case, it turns into an overload trying to juggle her soccer mom duties with a dinner for the boss andwith Mother Casey’s habit of stealing signs from stores.  Especially with an omnipresent little voice in her head trying to persuade her to do crazy things.

Juliet’s Possessions By Erica Ruhe – Resolving the final affairs of the deceased can be a messy business. Especially when it’s a closed halfway home for disturbed children. With Laurel House going to auction, Adam Archer has a week to clear out his Grandmom’s personal paperwork, furniture and knickknacks from the decrepit Victorian in the quiet North Carolina hillside. In the process, he finds old toys and clothing left behind by the home’s last patients before it was abruptly shut down and forgotten. But when Adam discovers the tape diary of a young girl named Juliet Conners, answers to the home’s mysterious end begin to surface…and pull him under. In the Archer family, some secrets are better left buried.

Through Dreams She Moves by Tonya Liburd – A woman who can drift through others’ dreams helps a comatose man, whose dreams manifest, recover, and comes to terms with her mother’s pain, obligations of all sorts, and family ties, both hers and the man’s.

The Machine Needs Fuel by Joriah Wood – Lydia is 9 years old and constantly tired. Doctors haven’t been able to figure out why, but a new doctor offers hope. Parker, Lydia’s father, struggles with protecting his family through a mind-bending time of change.

Sitala by Philip Harris – While out scavenging at the edge of a retreating ocean, Mika discovers the remains of a crashed spacecraft. At first, it’s just an opportunity to find salvage she can trade for food, but deep within the ship she finds unexpected life, and a mind with a tale to tell and memories to share.

LEGION Protocol: A d.o.mai.n tale By Christopher Godsoe – Zane is a member of a group of cybernetically augmented FBI Agents, the “Holmes Initiative”, named after the great fictional detective. His newest case brings him face to face with a comatose body, and with a lack of information to go on, he is forced to insert himself into the patient’s mind in an effort to determine the events that brought him to this point. What Zane finds will cause him to question the existence of everything.

The Dissertation By Sara Thompson – Jane presents her dissertation—a case study of the youngest mass murderer in the United States via a young girl with similar personality traits.  As Jane peels back the layers, the audience is given a glimpse into a truth so disturbing that they can only sleep at night only by knowing she is dead.

11.11 by Tausha Johnson – Psychic medium Renée Rowland was only eight when she saw her father jump from the 11th floor of a Las Vegas hotel. She was ten when he fulfilled her premonition. For Renée, readings have always been the same, except when she meets journalist and skeptic Jack Moore. She’s been waiting a lifetime for this interview.

The Enemy Beyond the Walls By Daniel Arthur Smith – A uniquely talented girl is called upon to save the protected city from the enemy beyond the walls.

Dragons on the Train by Holly Heisey – Dragons in human form derail the trains that run between the stars. But when a 12-year-old dragon catcher swallows an unusual dragon, she learns the danger of the dragons is deeper than anyone knows.

Whatever Lola Wants By Shebat Legion – A poet takes refuge in her sister’s house and is greeted by her nemesis.

In Loving Memory by Ashleigh Gauch – “In Loving Memory” follows the journey of Kyrkos, an infant AI, who learns the nature of humanity and emotions through direct access to her creator’s memories. When Lana bars Kyrkos from accessing anger, she sets off a rebellion that leads Kyrkos to the discovery of the true nature of her creator and the circumstances behind her creation.

Mixers By CB Droege – The world has been overrun by digital big brother, but your unique brain saved you.

Lost and Found By Elizabeth Wolf – A young woman with an uncommon perspective tells the story of how she found her place, and some losses encountered along the way.

Buddy Bolden’s Last Stand By Michael Fountain – A minister visits Charles “Buddy” Bolden, the trumpeter who may have invented jazz music before his psychotic break in 1906.  Brother Bolden’s “last concert” in the asylum spins into a Dionysian frenzy until it collapses under the weight of his attempt to express more than can be heard.

Subliminal By Zen DiPietro – Who are we when our experiences are stripped away? Lim is getting angry, and he wants to survive. Is it enough?
Subliminal is a prequel to the Dragonfire Station series.

A Twentieth-Century Death By Joshua Ingle – After she dies in a tragic car accident, Correann Norburn tries to reconnect with her grieving family from beyond the grave.