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UnCommon Lands

UnCommon Lands: We are seeking stories of  unusual spaces, places and landscapes.  Be they within your mind, outside of this universe, or a perspective on life in our own home other may not share. An UnCommon Land need not be real, or even possible, but it must be the backdrop for a compelling story which will transport us from our comfortable reading chairs. Please refrain from submitting cliffhangers. While all genres are welcome, UnCommon anthologies tend to lean more toward magical realism. Speculative fiction of any kind may find its home within the pages of an UnCommon book, so if you aren’t sure, ask or submit.

Stories that encourage hatred or intolerance of any kind will be summarily rejected.

Submission Details:

  • Submissions must be in English and written to the highest quality you are capable. Avoid passive voice. Consider making a pass with an editor before submission.
  • Maximum Word Count is 10,000, however I’m not going to turn away something awesome that’s a little over.
  • This is a paid market anthology, with a royalty cut for each author. Details available upon request.
  • Each author retains all rights to their story.
  • All submissions will be edited and sent to the author for final approval before publication.
  • The submission period runs from now until April 5, 2017.
  • Open internationally, but submission must be in American English.
  • There is no fee to submit.
  • Please, no reprints or simultaneous submissions.
  • Multiple submissions accepted. Limit of two submissions per author.
  • Any genre is fine. However, we are not looking for nonfiction at this time.
  • Adult language and sexual situations are permitted.
  • Standard submission format is accepted, or please send in WORD doc or docx, formatted with; 12pt Times New Roman with 1.5-line spacing; left justified with 0.3″ indents on the first line of each new paragraph (Do NOT use TAB); no extra spacing between paragraphs; and no headers/footers/page numbers; one space at the end of a sentence, not two.
  • Acceptances are scheduled to be sent out by April 30th.
  • To submit, please send your story to and include the following information:

Author (Legal) Name:
Pseudonym (if applicable):
Story Title:
Word Count:
Short Summary:
3rd Person Biography:

If you have any questions, please email me at or submit your question through the contact page.

Eagerly awaiting tales from your UnCommon Lands.