UnCommonly Good presents 11 stories from some of the most talented Speculative Fiction and Magical Realism authors around. These stories have been previously published in other UnCommon Anthologies but are now available to you in one UnCommonly Good collection.

Check it out at this special edition at an amazing price and then dive into the other UnCommon Anthologies: UnCommon Bodies, UnCommon Origins, UnCommon Minds, and UnCommon Lands.

Includes (In No Particular Order)

The Machine Needs Fuel by Joriah Wood: Lydia is 9 years old and constantly tired. Doctors haven’t been able to figure out why, but a new doctor offers hope. Parker, Lydia’s father, struggles with protecting his family through a mind-bending time of change.�

11.11 by Tausha Johnson: Psychic medium Renée Rowland was only eight when she saw her father jump from the 11th floor of a Las Vegas hotel. She was ten when he fulfilled her premonition. For Renée, readings have always been the same, except when she meets journalist and skeptic Jack Moore. She’s been waiting a lifetime for this interview.

The Hanging Gardens of Brooklyn by Rhoads Brazos: In the bustle of the big city, a young girl discovers that the otherworldly can appear in the most mundane of places. Speak peace to all strangers, for we may not know what we are waiting for until it arrives.

Fringling by J.D. Harpley: Slave to the Klekan on a foreign planet far from his race’s birthplace, Baylin discovers there’s something powerful lurking within him. He fights the desire to slaughter his slavers and as the moral battle rages inside him, a new anomaly threatens to remove his identity and transform him into something entirely different.

The Tombstone Man and the Coming of the Tigress by Nillu Nasser: Jermaine Wyoming lives in a cemetery, isolated from the world, obsessed with the idea of replacing the memories of his harrowing childhood with new ones. Seventeen-year-old Lana Norse suffers from a debilitating disease that promises to rob her of her future. When the two meet, the boundaries of their worlds blur and it becomes difficult to tell what’s real from what is not.

Trouble Signs by Jonathan Shipley: Problems with mothers-in-law are nothing new, but when the mother-in-law has psychic talent, the situation worsens. In Anna’s case, it turns into an overload trying to juggle her soccer mom duties with a dinner for the boss and Mother Casey’s habit of stealing signs from stores. Especially with an omnipresent little voice in her head trying to persuade her to do crazy things.

In the Periphery by Erica Ruhe: Jayati Dawar is an advanced generation clone and part of a large-scale, deep-space mission to save humankind. But the violent death of her clone sister and surrogate mother, Samidha, raises disturbing questions about The Halcyon mission’s true objective. With no one to trust and nowhere to hide, Jaya must rely on her own intuition and the cryptic dreams of her original Source Mother…a woman who died hundreds of years ago.

Skin by Brent Meske: After constant bullying in high school, Patricia vows to change her name and her entire being. When she gains the ability to mold and sculpt flesh, that vow very quickly becomes a terrifying reality.

Don’t Touch Me by Bey Deckard: Fighting is what Beau does best, because the very thing he dreads is exactly what lends him the extraordinary strength to defeat even the worst odds. And he does it all with the help of his angel, the woman he longs desperately to hold…but can’t.

The Enemy Beyond the Walls by Daniel Arthur Smith: A uniquely talented girl is called upon to save the protected city from the enemy beyond the walls.

Daedalus’ Daughter by P.K. Tyler: After her father’s death, Isha begins sprouting feathers.